Telltale Show Off a Game of Thrones Trailer

November 20th, 2014    

Fans of Telltale's pointy-clicky adventures could well get quite excited by this - it's the new trailer for their upcoming Game of Thrones series. This new story tells of House Forrester, a...

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4’s Companion App Brings Poker to the Table

November 19th, 2014    

Here's something a bit different, the Far Cry 4 companion app lets you play a poker style game and send your rewards to your in-game character for us in the main campaign....


Review: Football Manager 2015

November 18th, 2014    

Another year passing means another dose of football addiction. With each new version of Football Manager that SI Games produce they somehow find new layers of complexity, new features to slot into...


Review: Stealth Inc 2

November 17th, 2014    

Stealth Inc 2 is kind of hard work. It's a challenge, that's for sure. How much enjoyment you get out of it will be determined by how much you would consider the...

Escape Dead Island

Escape Dead Island with its Launch Trailer

November 14th, 2014    

Available next week, ESCAPE Dead Island takes a slight twist on the traditional Dead Island formula, and could be just what zombie slayers are after while we wait for the next gen...


Tales from the Borderlands Gets a Quality New Trailer

November 14th, 2014    

Want to know the history of Borderlands? Want to see what you'll be facing when you take on Telltale's latest adventure title? Then take a look at the trailer below, it's looking...


Review: Screencheat

November 13th, 2014    

If you remember playing split-screen FPS games such as Goldeneye on the N64, you'll know how much fun it was to hide round a bend, watch someone else's corner of the screen...


Far Cry 4: Epic 8-Minute 101 Trailer

Far Cry 4

With Far Cry 4 only a matter of days away now, Ubisoft have released their 101 trailer, covering nearly 8 minutes of...

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Launch Trailer

Assassins Creed Rogue

Embark on an epic journey of revenge in North America, from New York to the Arctic seas. Play as Shay, an Assassin...

Assassin’s Creed Unity Launch Trailer

Assassins Creed Unity

Read for the new Assassin's Creed? We certainly are, and while Dave is beavering away on the review we've got the launch...

Far Cry 4 Season Pass Teaser Shows a Snowy Mystery

Far Cry 4 Season Pass

There's something a bit weird lurking in the snow in Ubisoft's new trailer. It's a teaser for the DLC Season Pass really...

Come Out as a King in the new Far Cry 4 Story Trailer

Far Cry 4

We can't wait for Far Cry 4 (which is a shame, because we have to) but the latest trailer will make do...

Review: Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition


Total War: Rome 2 was originally released late last year to some rather indifferent reviews, on release it had many bugs and...

Review: Pix the Cat


I have spent the last two weeks trying to write a review for Pix the Cat. I started by loving it, however...

Review: The Evil Within


Sebastian Castellanos has been called into a mental hospital to investigate a murder. What could possibly go wrong? Well, I'll tell you: almost...

PES 2015 Unloads a Heap of New Features


Last year we reviewed the latest Pro Evo game, and it was far better than  the last few efforts, so much so...

Review: Alien: Isolation


I've used all of my tried and tested methods of hiding which have served me well through 25 years of gaming. I've...

Stealth Inc 2 Launching This Week


We loved the original Stealth Inc (or Stealth Bastard to those who picked it up on the PC quite early on), and...

Advanced Warfare’s Season Pass Explained


Another Call of Duty is nearly here, which means we're getting word on the season pass which will give you plenty of...