Poly Bridge
Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge Arrives on Early Access

July 1st, 2015    

Developers Dry Cactus have just released their upcoming bridge-build-em-up (it'll catch on) Poly Bridge onto Early Access, and we've already had a couple of weeks to have a play around. It's good...

Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain E3 2015 Trailer

June 30th, 2015    

In case you missed the news, Metal Gear Solid V isn't all that far away (well, relatively speaking) and Konami dropped a new trailer during E3 which is looking very nice indeed....


Review: Styx: Master of Shadows

June 29th, 2015    

Styx: Master of Shadows is a prequel to Of Orcs and Men, a fantasy role playing game on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. I had never heard of this before Master of...


The News Review: Edition 42

June 27th, 2015    

Here at The Gaming Review we know that the modern gamer can sometimes be far too busy to search for all the latest in gaming news, so that’s why we’ve done all...

The Division

The Division Goes Deep Inside the Dark Zone

June 25th, 2015    

The Division is looking like an excellent co-op shooter in the making, and Ubisoft have dropped a new trailer with Fredrik Rundqvist, The Division's executive producer, explaining a few bits about the DarkZone,...


Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3 – Catch a Ride Trailer

June 24th, 2015    

The latest episode of the Tales from the Borderlands series is upon us, and while we play it through a couple of times for our series review update take a look at...

No Mans Sky

Awesome Footage of No Man’s Sky from E3

June 23rd, 2015    

We've been keeping a very close eye on No Man's Sky since it was first announced, and this year's E3 showing did absolutely nothing to dampen our excitement. Take a look at...


Preview: Tembo the Badass Elephant


If there was an award for the best game title of 2015, we'd already have our winner. Tembo the Badass Elephant is...

The News Review: Edition 41


Here at The Gaming Review, we know that the modern gamer can sometimes be far too busy to search for all the...

Review: Cosmophony


Cosmophony sounds great on paper: a rhythm based tunnel shooter with some thumping tunes written by Salaryman, a French DJ and producer,...

New Guitar Hero Live Shows How Good This Could Be


With every trailer Activision release for Guitar Hero Live, the more awesome it sounds. Introducing GHTV – the world’s first playable music...

Need for Speed Gameplay Footage Looks Gorgeous


One of EA's treats at E3 was Need for Speed, which looks incredible. The camera angle could leave you feeling a little...

The News Review: Edition 40 (E3 Special)


E3 is finally upon once more, and here at The Gaming Review we know you busy gamers can’t always sit through the...

Review: Magicka: Wizard Wars


I desperately wanted to like Magicka: Wizard Wars. On paper, I should have loved it. Take Magicka’s brilliantly enjoyable but challenging spell-based...

Curve Announce Pumped BMX +


Fans of Joe Danger and Trials rejoice - a whole new game of tricks is coming soon! BMX Pumped + uses the hit...

Arkham Knight: Be the Batman


Excited? We are. Arkham Knight is getting closer by the day, and it's looking incredible. Right here we've got a recent trailer...

Review Update: The Swapper (Xbox One)


It's really simple, but it's a total brain buster. The Swapper is a great puzzler - right from the start you begin...

The Elder Scrolls Online: A Hero’s Journey

Elder Scrolls Online Box

With The Elder Scrolls finally arriving on consoles this week a new trailer has arrived which, as with all good trailers, has...

New F1 2015 Screens Show Amazing Rain Effects


With F1 2015 round the corner, and the Canadian Grand Prix having been and gone with very little to get excited about,...