The News Review: Edition 55

November 29th, 2015    

Here at The Gaming Review we know that the modern gamer can be far too busy to search through myriad web pages and magazines for all the latest in gaming news, so...


Just Cause 3: The First Hour

November 26th, 2015    

Playstation Access have been busy beavering away at the upcoming huge-worlded explosion-em-up (it'll catch on) Just Cause 3. It's fair to say it's looking fantastic, so take a look and see what you...


Review: Need for Speed

November 25th, 2015    

Let's start with something very obvious: Need for Speed is an incredibly good looking game. The night time streets, often soaked with rain, provide an fantastic set of visuals which fly by at...

Minecraft story mode

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 3 Trailer

November 22nd, 2015    

Trapped and running out of time, Jesse and crew must discover a means to locate Soren, the final member of the Order of the Stone. They'll see sights and wonders beyond belief,...

Rocket League

Rocket League Gets All New Chaos Run DLC

November 18th, 2015    

The new Chaos Run DLC Pack for Rocket League brings the post-apocalypse to Rocket League with two all-new vehicles, six unique Decals for each new Battle-Car (12 total), two new Paint Types, two...


The News Review: Edition 54

November 16th, 2015    

Here at The Gaming Review, we know that you’re all far too busy playing Fallout 4 to bother searching for all the latest in gaming news, so that’s why we’ve taken time...


Review: Mad Max

November 14th, 2015    

Way back in the 80s Mel Gibson strutted the post-apocalyptic wasteland as Mad Max, the psychologically damaged ex-cop trying to survive in what was left of a world ravaged by nuclear war....


Rainbow Six Season Pass Content Explained


Looking forward to Rainbox Six? Can't wait to get stuck into some hostage situations and get that teamwork polished up to the...

Ghostbusters Board Game Released This Week


Coming from the minds at Cryptozoic, Ghostbusters: The Board Game, a cooperative tabletop game that lets fans relive classic moments from...

Review: Halo 5: Guardians


I'm a big Halo fan. However Halo 4 worried me. It was 343's first outing and it was a different direction. Spartans...

Review: Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend


It feels like I’ve been playing Blazblue forever. It says a great deal about the series’ longevity that its first incarnation, Calamity...

Review: Rock Band 4


It's been a long time coming, but Rock Band is back. After years of battling it out with Guitar Hero and bringing...

November’s Free Games Preview


Remember remember the 5th of November, something something and free games! Once again, a bit of a mixed bag this month, let’s...

The News Review: Edition 53


Here at The Gaming Review we know that the modern gamer can be far too busy recovering from Halloween antics to search...

Project CARS Releases Japanese Car Pack


In case you'd forgotten just how great Project CARS is, here's a reminder. The 5th DLC Pack for Project CARS is here and...

Review: Train Valley


Train Valley is a puzzle game. With trains. If you don't like puzzle games and don't like trains, you'll want to be...

No Man’s Sky – ‘I’ve Seen Things’ Gameplay Trailer

No Mans Sky

Now that No Man's Sky has an exciting (but also hugely depressing) June 2016 release date scheduled, a new trailer has turned...

Review: The Escapists: The Walking Dead


The premise of The Escapists: The Walking Dead is pretty clever. The Escapists was an 8-bit top down prison escape 'sim' with...

Star Wars Battlefront Launch Trailer Shows More Great Gameplay


If you like Star Wars and didn't get in on the recent Battlefront beta, you're in for a treat. Prepare to be transported...