August’s Free Games Preview

August 2nd, 2015    

I’m not feeling hugely excited about the free games this month. Maybe it’s coming off the back of Rocket League (one of the best games this year a freebie on PSN -...


The News Review: Edition 46

August 1st, 2015    

Here at The Gaming Review, we know that the modern gamer can be far too busy to search for all the latest in gaming news, so that’s why we’ve done all the...


Review: LA Cops

July 29th, 2015    

Available on Steam for PC and PS4, I've had my eye on this for a while since playing it at Eurogamer and being interested. With the PSN sale now on I decided...


Review: QUBE Director’s Cut

July 28th, 2015    

I remember hearing about Q.U.B.E. years ago and felt it another cash-in on the success of Portal. Having never played it and feeling an itch for a good puzzler I relished the...

Rocket League

Review: Rocket League

July 27th, 2015    

"With the full game promising customisation options, more arenas and league style play it could well be a big little hit for PS4 this summer." I said that when I...


Blood Bowl 2 Reveals The Dark Elves’ Tricks & Treats

July 24th, 2015    

Evil beyond belief, skilled without doubt, the Dark Elves take to the pitch to show the world their superiority. Dark Elf teams prefer a malevolent and spiteful running game over the passing...


Another Great New WRC5 Trailer

July 22nd, 2015    

Hot on the heels of the first WRC5 trailer comes another new look at the upcoming point to point rally game. You can already see how good it's looking, so keep your...


The News Review: Edition 45


Here at The Gaming Review, we know that the modern gamer can often be far too busy to constantly search for all...

Review: Arkham Knight


Batman doesn’t have much luck; in fact he has more bad knights (pun intended) than Jack Bauer has bad days. The final...

Game of Thrones Episode 5 – A Nest of Vipers Trailer


In this penultimate episode, the actions of every Forrester are vital to the survival of the house. Rodrik’s alliance with House Glenmore,...

New WRC5 Footage Shows Impressive Visuals


The WRC games have always thrived on realistic handling and brilliant point-to-point racing, but the earlier titles suffered from some pretty average...

The Escapists Set to Join The Walking Dead


If there was ever an idea worth following, this is it. Play as Rick Grimes and take on hordes of zombies let loose...

The News Review: Edition 44


Here at The Gaming Review, we know that the modern gamer can be far too busy to search through the depths of...

Rainbow Six Siege – Inside Rainbow #3


Rainbow Six is already looking awesome despite not being out until later this year... Rainbow is an elite team composed of members of...

Review: 3D Realms Anthology


One of my earliest memories of PC gaming is sitting up past my bed time playing the original Duke Nukem side-scrolling shooter...

Want Proof that Metal Gear Solid V Gives You Options? Take a Look…

Phantom Pain

With the new MGS title out very soon, Konami have released a 30 minute video showing a range of ways you can...

prif’s 2015 Accessory Lineup is Already Looking Great

prif logo

Any of you who have kept an eye on the site for the past few years will know we often cover gaming...

Journey Coming Soon Onto the PS4 – Gorgeous Launch Trailer Inside


Not played Journey? There can only be two reasons for that: either you never owned a PS3, or you managed to not...

Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Face of WWE2K16


Anyone who has watched wrestling for a while will know all about Steve Austin, and will probably also be quite chuffed to...