Project CARS Goes Gold, All Locations Revealed

April 17th, 2015    

Exciting exciting exciting. Project CARS is finally incredibly close to its final release, and as part of the buildup the full list of tracks on offer has been announced. Including some fantastic...


Blood Bowl 2 Gameplay Trailer Demonstrates Chaos

April 16th, 2015    

After revealing a first gameplay video starring the polyvalent Humans, Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop’s famous board game that combines American football with the...


Guitar Hero Live First Trailer – Let Battle Commence!

April 15th, 2015    

Rewind many, many years and you'll see a battle of the instruments between Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Both awesome, both great fun, but always with that slight competitive edge. Well hot...


Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Trailer

April 14th, 2015    

Any of you who picked up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will probably have already had a run through the FFXV demo, and will know how impressive it already seems. This new trailer...


Black Ops 3 Gets a Teaser Trailer

April 13th, 2015    

In news that will surprise almost nobody, there's a new COD game on the way, and such is the way of the yearly updates this time round it's another Black Ops title....


The News Review: Edition 31

April 11th, 2015    

Here at The Gaming Review, we know that not everyone has the time to search for all the latest news in the world of gaming, so we've done the hard graft for...


Project CARS Shows Off the Renault Sport

April 9th, 2015    

Now we've actually had our hands on Project CARS at this year's Gadget Show, we're even more excited to get hold of the final product and put it through its paces. Meanwhile,...


Review: Life is Strange Episode 2


With episodic game series being quite tough to review on an episode-by-episode basis (what with spoilers being very easy to accidentally drop)...

Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode Two – Atlas Mugged


After the rollercoaster ride of Episode 1, Tales from the Bordlerands returns after a relatively hefty wait, and pretty much straight away...

Review: Metrocide


The City Noir feel of this game hit me as soon as I loaded up this game and was greeted by the...

April’s Free Games Preview


It’s not an April Fool’s joke - there’s some great games this month for free including double the games on Xbox! Let’s...

The News Review: Edition 30


Following a hefty hiatus, The Gaming Review's weekly News Review is back. Here you'll be able to quickly see all the latest...

Review: Game of Thrones – Season 1, Episode 3


If you've been following our Game of Thrones reviews so far, you'll know that we were gripped by the first and felt...

Review: Battlefield Hardline


The bad guys have the cash. They're on the run. You equip an assault rifle, jump in a car. You're speeding through...

Mortal Kombat X Shaolin Trailer

Mortal Kombat X

It's nearly here! Meanwhile, a new trailer shows off sharp-witted Kung Lao, series newcomer Kung Jin and Klassic Mortal Kombat Kombatant Liu Kang....

F1 2015 Arriving in June for PS4 and Xbox One

F1 2015

Good news for F1 fans - the next gen version of Codemasters' awesome F1 series is set to arrive in just a...

Game of Thrones: Episode Three: “The Sword in the Darkness” Trailer


With Telltale's Epic Game of Thrones series continuing this week, there's a new trailer which should interest those of you who have...

New Project CARS Trailer Shows Gorgeous Locations


With Project CARS being slightly delayed again it's good to know that things are still looking incredible. The trailer below shows off...

Review: The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2


It's news to roughly nobody that the pointy-clicky genre has seen quite a resurgence lately, and whether that's come about through the...