Assassins Creed Unity
Assassins Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity: Elise Trailer

July 29th, 2014    

Today Ubisoft released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity that shows Arno racing against time and through a dense and chaotic central Paris in order to prevent the beheading of Elise, a character central...


Lego Batman 3 Behind the Scenes Video

July 28th, 2014    

With Lego Batman 3 looking to the past with Adam West himself (kerpow, bash, whack) voicing the 60s version of Batman, this was always going to be a fascinating video. Showing West alongside some of...


Review: Mousecraft

July 28th, 2014    

To start, I'm not going to fall into the trap that every other review of this game has made.  You know, the old "Its Lemmings meets Tetris" thing.  It's not. It's really not. Sure, don't get...

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4: Behind the Scene Trailer #1

July 25th, 2014    

Far Cry 4 has got us very excited, and now we get to see some of the work going on behind the scenes at Ubisoft. In the video below you can see the research that went into...

Tour De France 14

Review: Tour de France 2014

July 24th, 2014    

The Tour de France. A long, exhausting endurance race carried out over hundreds upon hundreds of miles. It's a slow, tactical slog where an individual rider isn't as important as the team as a whole....


Table Top Racing Gets August 5th Release

July 24th, 2014    

Remember Micro Machines? Well get this for a bit of retro action: Ripstone announced today that Table Top Racing will be skidding onto the PlayStation Store on 5th August in US and 6th August in...


Destiny Pre-Orders Get Vanguard Bonus

July 22nd, 2014    

High above the City, in the Hall of Guardians, The Vanguard keep watch over Guardians in the wild, arming the best warriors with the upgraded weapons they need to destroy our most dangerous enemies. Fans...


Assassin’s Creed Unity Shows Gorgeous New Game Engine

Assassins Creed Unity

With Ubisoft going all out to utilise the new generation of consoles more than any other developer, Assassin's Creed Unity is shaping...

Review: Sniper Elite 3


Sniper Elite 3 from Rebellion sees you playing Karl Fairburne, a sniper in the 3rd iteration of this series. The story is...

The Crew: Closed Beta Walkthrough


If you're anything like us you're extremely exited about The Crew, and we know some of you have already been enjoying the...

Preview: Arkham Knight


Arkham Knight will be the latest and possibly final instalment in the hugely successful Arkham series created by Rocksteady. It is...

Review: GRID Autosport


It's easy to argue that Codemasters have been a leading force in racing games for quite some time now, and while there...

Deep Silver Show Sacred 3′s Co-op Humour


Deep Silver have released a new trailer for Sacred 3 that shows off the co-op and humour which the Sacred franchise has...

Risen 3 Screens Show Plenty of Variety


When we reviewed Risen 2 a while back a few things disappointed us, so we're naturally looking forward to seeing what Risen...

Awesome Looking Rainbow Six Siege Gets an Accolade Trailer


Rainbow Six was one of the big surprises at E3, and it looked incredible. The critics have now weighed in. Rainbow Six: Siege is IGN's...

Assassin’s Creed Unity Revolution Gameplay Trailer

Assassins Creed Unity

Paris, 1793. Paris is plunged into chaos. In this dark era, one man will give commoners the courage to take up arms...

Review: Valiant Hearts


We all know that World War 1 was a pretty horrific event, costing millions of lives and changing the face of the...

Review: Munin


Munin is a platform based puzzle title that has been developed by Gojira and published by Daedalic Entertainment on Steam. There is...

Hardware Review: Sennheiser G4ME ONE Headset


Sennheiser’s G4ME ONE headset is, without a shadow of a doubt, a beautiful piece of kit. From the moment you open the...