Free Games Preview: February 2016

February 6th, 2016    

Are February's free games enough to warrant spending a valentines night in with your loved (Xbox) One or PlayStation? Take a look below and see what'll be grabbing your attention this month......


New Doom Campaign Trailer Looks Just Like Doom Should

February 5th, 2016    

With Doom landing on consoles in May, trailers are starting to arrive more frequently, and there's little mistaking that we're looking at a Doom game. Take a look at the trailer below,...


Board Game Review: Video Game High School

February 4th, 2016    

If you're not aware of Video Game High technology as a concept, head to YouTube and check it out. It's not essential to enjoy this board game, but as an independently made...


Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice Released Today… And It’s Awesome

February 2nd, 2016    

Do the words "Shotgun Rifle Combo" give you a tingle? In which case, you'll love Buck, one of the new operators in the first big Rainbow Six Siege update. This free new...

Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally Gears Up to Its Console Release With New Trailer

February 2nd, 2016    

You there, rallying fan, come back! I know the Dirt series has taken a more arcadey slant in recent years, but if you haven't heard of Dirt Rally you're in for a...

FarCry Primal

Far Cry Primal PS4 Gameplay – First Hour Highlights

January 30th, 2016    

The ever excellent Playstation Access take you through the first hour of Far Cry Primal on the PS4, and it's looking great. Matching the scope and variety of previous Far Cry games...

The Division

How to Survive on The Division’s Beta

January 27th, 2016    

Managed to bag a place on the beta test for The Division? Lucky you, this is one of our big games to watch this year and is looking amazing. But if you're...


Review: Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space


There's been a resurrection of late of adventure games. Kickstarters have helped, remasters have rekindled old passions and Telltale have brought new...

Far Cry Primal: King of the Stone Age Trailer

FarCry Primal

Anyone notice the music pun in the title? No? Fine. Anyway, we've got more from Far Cry! The beautiful land of Oros and...

Rocketbirds 2 Evolution is Coming Soon

Hardboiled Chicken

The follow up to the game which sported one of the best soundtracks I've ever enjoyed in a game is on the...

The Division: Agent Journey Trailer

The Division

"When you joined the Division, what were you expecting? I'm sure they told you about the sacrifices you’d have to make. But...

Homefront: The Revolution: This is Philidelphia


Sitting very near the top of the list of games we want to play NOW and not a second later, is Homefront:...

See Two Hours of Far Cry Primal Right Here

FarCry Primal

Want to see over two hours of Far Cry Primal gameplay, as played during the community stream a few days back? Yes,...

Review: The Talos Principle: Delux Edition


In September 2014 I went to the Eurogamer Expo and tucked away in the Sony area I saw a little game called...

The News Review: Edition 58


It’s a new year, and that means a new year of gaming news. Here at The Gaming Review, we know that not...

Review: Rainbow Six: Siege


I sometimes wonder how many people tried and appreciated the SOCOM games back on the PS2 and PS3, the more tactical shooters...

Board Game Review: Grand Austria Hotel


Games which revolve around creating and managing a hotel are more commonly found on mobiles than tabletops nowadays, but that doesn't mean...

January’s Free Games Preview


Happy New Year folks! What better way to kick off 2016 than with a load of free games - let's hope you...

Review: XCOM: The Board Game


The XCOM name has come a long way since its first outing in the mid-90s, and yet while the games themselves have...