How the Freemium Model Would Affect Your Favourite Games


it got us thinking about how some of your favourite games could be affected…

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There’s a lot of good stuff to say about mobile gaming, offering a low cost way to play a few games on the go. But the rise of mobile micro-transactions has brought about a trend which some find more disturbing than others: the freemium model. Starting life as a free download, these games are free to play but with loads of ways to spend real money to make the game easier, better or more complete. This idea isn’t alien to console users – DC Universe Online is free to start with, but if you want to access all the missions you’ll need to dig into your pockets, and there have been several cases of inflated credit card bills thanks to FIFA Ultimate Team.

The worrying thing about this idea isn’t the fact you might end up spending money, after all developers need paying somehow, but some of these premium extras cost over


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  1. d3v

    I actually don’t think that they’ll do the arcade model for fighting games like Street Fighter simply because there’s a surefire way to beat the system. That is, get really good at the game. In other words, there’s diminishing return on investment as players get better and better.

  2. Jacko (25 XP - Level 1)

    An insight into the future of devaluing real money there, the kids are well on the way to accepting this, i’m never going to, i’m a Dinosaur, they don’t want me because they know my sense of worth is honed from years of experience.. A kid thinks everything is free anyway, because, to them, it is.. Fill yer boots, but not from my wallet you white collar pikeys..

  3. stiffyuk (80 XP - Level 1)

    I agree with Jacko here, the youngsters of the world might fall for this (then probably say that they did not know they were spending real money :) ), but the savvy current user knows that we get shorter and shorter games that you then get done for constant DLC. The only way the developers will learn is if people don’t allow the DLC route to work, but the sheep that buy COD DLC just prove that the gamers won’t.

    Maybe these developers can see Ice to the Eskimos and save the worlds economy. Then again maybe they will just sell the water and different monthly ice trays.

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