Review: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

run a perfect race, only to have a moment of indecision and end up ploughing head-first into an oncoming Fiat Punto…

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After a small hiccup in the shape of The Run, Need for Speed is back with a bang. With Criterion back in charge it was clear from day 1 that the Most Wanted reboot was going to take more cues from Burnout and Hot Pursuit than anywhere else, and that’s exactly what has happened. With the open world style of Burnout coupled with the brutal police presence from Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a fast, dangerous and ultimately great street racer.

Initially things seem to be very closely following Burnout – you’ll start with a single car, then drive around some traffic-filled streets finding races at intersections – do a bit of wheel-spin at one of these locations and the event starts. Sound familiar?


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