iPhone Review: Flick Kick Field Goal

Simple games are often the most effective, and Flick Kick Field Goal takes that idea and tries to give an addictive, simple gaming experience. On the whole, it hits all the buttons but it’s not a simple walk in the park.

By keeping the game simple – all you do is flick the ball with one finger to kick it – the developers have made Flick Kick Field Goal extremely accessible. Anyone will be able to play it, and the range of game modes will help to keep things fresh. The arcade mode gives you three attempts at each kick, which get further away each time with wind becoming a factor later in the game. If you miss all three kicks it’s game over.

Time attack adds pressure to proceedings and gives the game a higher sense of urgency. You have a time limit which ticks down in the corner, and every completed kick adds time to the timer. Once you get into a rhythm you can get a really great score here, but one miss and it totally breaks your stride. By far my favourite game mode!

The practise mode speaks for itself and just lets you play without pressure, and the sudden death gives you a series of kicks to score without missing a single kick. Another decent game mode, but it all gets a bit samey.

And that’s the biggest issue with the game. It’s a decent score-beater, and quite addictive, but it doesn’t have the charm of something like Canabalt and as such won’t hold you interest as long as other games might. But, let’s face it, it’s free and at that price there aren’t all that many good quality games out there. It’s worth a look, and who knows you might find a new addiction. Enjoyable, but a little shallow.

Price: Free

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