April’s Free Games Preview

There’s no April fools with the games this month – following on from a monster March, there is a very good selection of free games across both formats. Let’s crack on:


Mad Max, PS4 – open-world angry smashing. Based on the property (rather than any of the films) you upgrade your car and kill loads of things. Grrrr!

TrackMania Turbo, PS4 – bite-size insane racing. I went back to this recently actually and its brilliant, addictive, challenging. Recommended.

In Space we Brawl, PS3 (Cross Buy with PS4) – four player twin-stick shooting arena action, there are probably too many of these types of game now but at least you can try it for free.

Toy Home, PS3 – madcap driving action as you drift around the house in Micro Machines inspired action.

99 Vidas, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS3 and PS4) – side-scrolling beat ‘em up action with blocky characters.

Q*Bert Rebooted, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS3 and PS4) – they rebooted Q Bert! You’ll wish they hadn’t. Hexagonal jumping stuff with a serious lack of levels.


The Witness, Xbox One (April 1-30) – seminal strange island puzzler The Witness was critically acclaimed. You may need a pen and paper handy.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Xbox One (April 16-May 15) – ‘allo Guv’na! Assassin’s Creed does Victorian London with a slight twist on the protagonist as you can switch between twins for slightly different experiences.

Cars 2 , Xbox 360 & Xbox One (April 1-15) – surprisingly decent racer based on the Pixar film.

Dead Space 2, Xbox 360 & Xbox One (April 16-30) – sequel to survival horror classic, Dead Space 2 tried to build on the foundations of the original and largely achieves a worthy follow up.

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