Review: Who Did It?

We play a lot of games here at TGR. Sometimes we’re trading gems to allow us to buy exotic goods, sometimes we’re hunting zombies, sometimes we’re building strategies over several hours in the hope of outwitting a group of other determined players.

It’s unusual to try and figure out whose pet took a dump on the lounge carpet.

But that’s exactly what Who Did It? is all about. As you can imagine it’s not the kind of game you’ll get stuck into for hours on end, but for entertaining the kids for a little while it can be quite entertaining. Each player gets a set of cards with animals on, such as a cat, fish, parrot and so on. The idea is the first player puts a card down and states that it wasn’t their pet rabbit (for example) that pooed on the carpet, it was someone’s hamster. At this point every other player hunts through their cards and tries to be the first to place their hamster onto the pile, thus proving their pet’s innocence and letting them accuse another animal of doing the deed.

At some point someone will accuse another animal that nobody has in their hand, at which point it’s a false accusation and that person loses the round, earning themselves a poo token in the process. Whoever finds themselves with three poo tokens first loses the game. Simple.

There’s not much to say about the gameplay other than that, and as such this is very much a game for younger people. We played this as a family with people of all ages, ranging from out little guy who’s almost 6 up to his great grandparents in their late 60s, and it was pretty good fun. For a bit. But this won’t keep your attention for too long, we’ve been back to it a handful of times but this isn’t a game that will even kill an hour. My 5 year old got bored after one or two games each time we played it, but that’s fine. It’s too repetitive for that, but it’s not designed for long sessions.

As such, Who Did It? is a game that is fun to play in very small doses. Younger players will love the idea of trying to find out who pooed on the carpet (or farted in the car, or ate all the chocolate, or whatever you choose) and the panic of trying to find your card before anyone else is enjoyable for a time, but that time is generally the 15 minutes or so that it takes to complete enough rounds to determine a loser. In that respect it’s well designed to last only as long as it needs to, but don’t expect huge amount of time to sink into this.

It’s a fun game, and great for short bursts with the kids, but be careful not to expect something it’s not.

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