Quick Review: Overcooked 2: Surf ‘n’ Turf DLC

I love Overcooked 2 so much. The thought of DLC excites me and Surf ‘n’ Turf does not disappoint.

After the whole ‘raising the unbread’ business, the Onion King is having a little break and it’s time to cook up some holiday treats in the sun.

You know the drill by now (if not, read our review of the main game) but there are some neat twists. Smoothies are first up and a conga line keeps getting in your way. The theme builds with the likes of swimming pools and rafts as you progress and a lot of the equipment you are used to using has been re-skinned for the sunshine theme. My favourite is the replacement of the fire extinguisher to a water gun which also functions to power wash dirty plates (adding a nice new strategic element). There’s also bellows available to aid the cooking of kebabs on grills, but be careful not to overheat the grill and burn it out.

I think Surf ‘n’ Turf adds everything you could want for some cheap DLC. Inexpensive, more gameplay, different environments and some new mechanics to mix things up. If you enjoyed Overcooked 2 I would highly recommend this additional content for some new areas in which to scream at and fall out with your friends over.

Reviewed on PS4

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