February 2020 Free Games Preview

A bit of a mix of games for February, with the hit being a special bonus game for PS4, and one of the first times we’re seeing a VR game feature in the free monthly games:

TT Isle of Man (February 1-29, Xbox One) – motorbike racing which is fairly average if not for the brilliantly recreated TT race around the Isle of Man. Worth playing just for that one track.

Call of Cthulhu (February 16-March 15, Xbox One) – H.P. Lovecraft’s world is brought to life with this first-person puzzle adventure.

Fable Heroes (February 1-15, Xbox One and Xbox 360) – a cutesy, action-brawler set in the Fable universe.

Star Wars Battlefront (February 16-29, Xbox One and Xbox 360) – the original Star Wars Battlefront, still a decent game today.


Bioshock Collection (PS4) – the classic first-person games get an upscaling together in this lovely collection.

Sims 4 (PS4) – manage virtual people! The Sims lets you have a break from your own life by… playing someone’s life? Weird.

Firewall: Zero Hour (PSVR) – the acclaimed tactical 4v4 FPS for VR. Suffered from a low player base when it was released, now it’s free that problem goes away.

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