Shift 2 Unleashed: Autolog Customisation

EA have unleashed (pardon the pun) a new video for their upcoming Shift 2 title, this time showing the customisation options available for the Autolog system. The Autolog, which we raved about in our review of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, brings you closer to your gaming friends, giving you direct targets, competition and updates on how you’re doing against your buddies, with an iPhone app giving you the chance to keep up to date even when you’re away from your game. Or, in EA’s words:

The revolutionary Autolog system lets you keep the Driver’s Battle raging by dynamically tracking your career progress, personal best times, and how they stack up against your friends. Amp up and enhance the social competition and compare driver profiles and career stats both online and through the Autolog iPhone app. Then share and comment on pictures and videos of your biggest wins, hottest cars, and most twisted crashes.

Have a look at the video below and let us know what you think, we reckon it’ll make a great looking game even more addictive!



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