Review: Train Sim World 2020

Train Sim World is an immersive first-person simulator, it includes complete in-cab interactivity and extremely accurate detail all round. Train Sim World is a relaxing but rewarding game, when you pull your train into the platform and stop perfectly, on time you feel an immense amount of success. The scoring system draws you back into the game as you know you could have done better and perhaps scored that one extra point. The carefully reproduced routes offer stunning views and scenery to keep you occupied throughout your journey.

For some who always wanted to be a train driver since their childhood Train Sim offers a fulfilling experience. The game comes with three routes as standard: Germany’s Spessatrampe incline in Main Spessart Bahn, the underground station at New York Penn in The Long Island Rail Road and Manchester’s Victoria Station in Northern Trans-Pennine. If you pay extra and buy the deluxe edition then you get a route along California’s vibrant peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose in what’s entitled The Peninsula corridor.

The Peninsula Corridor is home to one of America’s most captivating commuter railways, it extends between San Francisco’s 4th and King Street and San Jose’s Diridon stations. The F40PH-2CAT diesel commuter trains call at 26 stations along the route, however there is also freight services along the peninsula using the GP38-2 locomotive. This is a great route to add to those already in the game, and allows you to try out something that little bit extra over the standard version of the game.

Everything looks great in the game, from the scenery that thunders past you at speed to the insides of each train you choose to drive. The sounds are brilliant as well, giving you realistic train and track noises along with the various busy noises you’ll hear at each station.

If, like me, you’ve always had a dream to drive trains then this will certainly let you scratch the itch. There’s loads to do, a huge number of hours to sink into the game and is very highly recommended.

Reviewed on PS4

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