January 2021 Free Games Preview

Happy new year! Here are January 2021’s free games, starting off with your very own chance to take to the oceans and eat stuff. We’re going to need a bigger hard drive…

Maneater (PS5) – be a shark, and basically wreck havoc on creatures in the sea and humans for fun. Ever wanted to be Jaws? Now’s your chance in this Shark-PG,

Greedfall (PS5, PS4) – a fantasy RPG along the lines of the Witcher and Dragon Age games. Monster and magic are invading your land – stop them.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4) – the second of the Tomb Raider reboots, finessing some of the slightly rougher elements of the first game into an excellent third-person combat adventure.

Little Nightmares (Xbox One, Series S/X, available January 1 to 31) – a puzzle-platformer horror game, that touches on some sensitive issues.

Dead Rising (Xbox One, Series S/X, available  January 16 to February 15) – zombie action in a shopping mall. Set over a looping 72 hour period, you need to solve the various elements to try to figure out your escape.

The King of Fighters XIII (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S/X, available January 1 to 15) – ultimate version of the classic beat ‘em up franchise.

Breakdown (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series S/X, available  January 16 to 31) – first-person action game from Namco, integrating elements of fighting games into its combat.

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