Hardware Review: HyperX Chargeplay Duo

HyperX’s new Chargeplay Duo offers an alternative for both original Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers to the AA battery method of powering the controllers, but is it actually a decent option for Xbox gamers?

Cleverly, this kit is for both of these generations which have slightly different shaped controllers. Included in the kit is a charging dock for two controllers, two rechargeable battery packs, and a set of covers (two for Xbox One, and two for Xbox Series X/S). Installation of the batteries is super easy, and the charging dock plugs into a power outlet.

Once installed, the controller backs have a small hole where the charging element of the battery is exposed so it can sit on the dock to charge. The engineering here is precise, I tested with two Series X/S controller and they sit snug and perfectly on the dock. Small white lights flash to indicate the controllers are charging.

It’s worth noting that the controller backs/battery covers are plain black, so look fine with the original controllers but if you have any of the other different colours (such as my Red Camo one, or the white Series S pad) it’s going to not look the same. I’m not overly fussed about this as it sits at the back and you never see it, but it may annoy you.


You’re going to want to have that dock plugged in somewhere for your controllers to rest whilst you’re not playing, as whilst the battery recharges, it cannot be charged by a USB cable into the controller (unlike Microsoft’s play and charge kit). If you find yourself in a situation where the battery runs out, you will have to either swap the controller, swap a rechargeable battery pack or plug a cable directly into the Xbox to play wired.

HyperX doesn’t detail exactly how long the batteries hold their charge for, but I had a few good chunky sessions and it still showed as easily over half on the dashboard indicator so that’s pretty decent and with the ease of charging between sessions, I can’t imagine many instances where I’m going to be caught short.

A point worth noting here also is that the charging dock has to be plugged into the mains, there is no USB charging. I had hoped to make use of one of the console’s spare USB ports but instead had to fiddle around to free up a plug socket, although again, this may not be a major issue depending on your setup. 

The HyperX Chargeplay Duo does exactly what you’d want it to, and does it well. There are a couple of bits that could add in extra convenience but nothing that causes a problem. The compatibility across generations of Xbox is brilliant as well, and if you have a household of controllers then I’d recommend it.

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