Operation Flashpoint: Red River – Taking the Hit Video

The ‘Taking the Hit’ video continues the series of narrative trailers and shows the Marines being forced to fight on the back foot against a huge PLA fighting force.

As the video opens and overwhelming numbers of PLA infantry and armour roll in, the USMC are forced to tactically retreat. “Casualties are a part of war, and the Marines know this well” says our narrator “They have been trained to hit first and hit hardest. But not every campaign goes as planned and there are times when the opposition lands its own crushing blows”

Battered and bruised, the marines evacuate, giving them time to take stock and assess their next move and “once the appropriate solution has been plotted, these fiery warriors smartly insert themselves back into the battle”. And as the USMC begins to tip the balance back in their favour, it is be the PLA who will have to adapt to survive on the battlefields of Tajikistan.


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