Review: Tri-Gamer Bean Bag

It’s not every day you get to review something away from the usual gaming fare, but I reckon this can fit firmly into the “unusual” category; what we have here is the Tri-Gamer gaming bean bag from the guys at GreatBeanBags, and if you’ve ever doubted that a bean bag could be comfortable enough to give you a solid couple of hours of gaming, you need to read on.

If you haven’t followed the clues from the Tri-Gamer’s name, this bean bag is a huge triangular bean bag that’s designed in such a way that you somehow feel supported and hugged at the same time. Sitting roughly 125cm wide, and the same amount tall, you’ve got a lot of room to be plonking yourself down for a while, leaning back and letting the bean bag mould itself to however you’re sitting. What’s really nice about this is despite it not looking full of beans when you chuck it onto the floor, the moment you settle into it the beans distribute and fill up the triangular back, giving you something high enough to actually lean back onto and have some support for your head. It’s a really well designed bean bag, and extremely comfy.

And that comfort isn’t limited to one particular size of human. I’m over 6 feet tall and, if I’m honest, a bit chunkier than I ought to be. My son is about 5 feet tall and much slimmer, and we both ended up fighting to sit in the bean bag when we were gaming together or watching TV. And it’s not just humans that like this – my cats took to it quite happily as well, and there was plenty of room for both of them to be curled up on it at once, right up until I moved them onto the sofa so I could sink back into it myself.

There’s a great range of colours too, from the faux suede black material that we received (which looks fantastic, by the way), through various shades of brown and grey, as well as some brighter colours such as red, blue and yellow. The GreatBeanBags website even lets you send off for material samples, so if it’s going to become a fixture somewhere in your house (ours hasn’t left the lounge yet) you can even make it fit in with the colour scheme in your own home.

After several weeks of use, it’s holding its shape nicely as well. It hasn’t gone overly soft, you don’t hit the floor when you sit in it after a couple of months, it still just grabs you, gives you a lovely beany cuddle, then like all bean bags makes you work for it when you decide to actually get up for some reason. This has really become a standard part of my gaming sessions: grab the controller, headphones on, sink into the beanbag with some quality gaming and too many biscuits ahead of you, all the while wondering why you never thought of buying one of these before.

Go on… treat yourself… I reckon you deserve it.


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