Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Footage

Naughty Dog have released an all new video showing footage from the multiplayer side of Uncharted 3 which shows, most interestingly, split screen multiplayer. Considering how few games nowadays let you play split screen while being online this is very welcome news indeed.

Almost as welcome as the fact this is looking insanely irresistable.



  1. Allright…

    My head just blew up.

    I enjoy playing coop games with my borther on PS3 (Army of two, Resistance, Borderlands etc.) and COD:Black Ops was already a major victory for being able to play splitscreen online (Nazi zombies: Hours and hours of gameplay behind) along with the Resistance 2 online coopera

  2. Sorry,my shitty computer send message whenever it wants,anyway,i was about to say, Uncharted 3 with splitscreen online gameplay would just sound something magical,beyond this world.

    Naughty Dog just became my new religion…

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