DiRT 3 Gameplay Trailer

If you like your racing served with fireworks, dust and lens flare then you’re in the right place. DiRT 3 is painfully close now, just three weeks away, and this gameplay video shows just how great everything is looking. It’s brief, but in true Codemasters style it’s one hell of a tease.

Have a look, and keep an eye out for our DiRT3 review nearer release.



  1. I have zero interest in dirt and I think it’s a laughable franchise but man were they able to put together some hot looking in-game engine movies with that game. Not just this trailer but the previous game as well.

  2. I wouldn’t really call that a gameplay trailer in all honesty. Nothing is what the gamer is going to see when they are actually playing it!

  3. but in industry lingo (nothing against TGR specifically) gameplay trailer is means two things
    1- it’s in game engine
    2- it’s user controlled action

    so the fact that the camera will never be at those angles while you play or the fact that the hud is missing in these types of trailers means nothing. Technically it’s still gameplay.

    I suppose that for those that distinguish the two.. this would be gameplay trailer and what you get at home type videos would be more ‘footage’ than ‘trailer’

  4. Well it’s labelled a Gameplay trailer by Codemasters, so who am I to argue? To be fair it uses footage that you’d see in-game at some point, be it a replay or whatever else.

  5. How is Dirt a laughable franchise?? why cant people open their eyes and see the gulf in class between dirt 3 which is brilliant, and something like shift 2, which is my nomination for worst racing game in the world.

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