News You’ve Missed Amongst the PSN Obsession

The PSN has been down recently. You probably realised when every gaming site in the world went a bit nuts. In fact it’s been such a big deal that other pretty big news has gone under the radar. So we thought we’d gather together the big news from the past week or so in case you didn’t spot them in amongst all the complaining.

Portal 2 DLC Announced. And Free…
This summer Valve will release some free DLC for Portal 2, offering some more test chambers for both single player and co-op gamers, online leaderboards and an all new challenge mode. Did I mention it will be free? Well, it is.

More Fallout: New Vegas DLC Coming
On the 17th May, an all new New Vegas add-on, Honest Hearts, will take you out of the Mojave and into Zion National Park in Utah. Finding yourself caught between two gangs you’ll need your wits about you to save Zion. June and July gives us Old World Blues and Lonesome Road, respectively. Old World Blues makes you part of a scientific experiment, with Lonesome Road pitching you as a courier when you’re contacted by Ulysses, the courier who refused to deliver the platinum chip at the start of New Vegas.

Mass Effect 3 Slips to 2012
Many gamers’ Christmas lists have just got a little smaller. Mass Effect 3 has had its release date moved to early 2012, with the the executive producer saying “the development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone’s expectations”. Laser focussed eh? Very futuristic.

Starhawk Might Exist. Maybe.
Rumours are knocking around that not only is Warhawk’s sequel very real, but also has a single player campaign and will have some concrete details released before the upcoming E3 expo. It’s only a rumour, but we want it to be true so much we’re inclined to believe it purely out of hope.

Rock Band 4 Won’t Arrive This Year
Ah well. Not a huge surprise, but Harmonix have confirmed Rock Band 4 won’t arrive in 2011, but instead they will be focussed on delivering a substantial amount of DLC for RB3. Considering just how brilliant Rock Band 3 is, this isn’t a bad thing.

The PSN Has Been Hacked
Just in case you didn’t know. Some people got quite cross about it.

Football Games Make You Violent
Apparently, war games don’t make you feel violent – sport games are far more likely to bring about anger and violence. Now, while we’ve got a bit cross with FIFA every now and then it’s hard to believe this study when you’re forced to listen to stroppy kids on COD who seem to know more about your own mother than you do.

What news have you seen lately that everyone seems oblivious of? Let us know in the comments! The PSN will be back soon, then everything will be back to normal. Probably.


  1. I just wish everyone would stop whinging and crying about shit. Also passing on non-official non-verified info has been HORRIBLE.

    Good work on some non PSN news recap!

  2. Hey whats up with psn? I no its down but i dont no if i got the right info because every one is saying difrent things and that we will be geting $30 psn mony but i have no clue so some one tell me and the name is mrclean007 so if u want to add me? ^_^

    • :sigh: for the sake of argument i’m going to take you at your word and not as a tired trolling attempt.

      You will not be getting money. Noone will be getting money. Whatever happens there’s no way Sony will give everyone free money. Even free games is pushing it but thats possible.

  3. Dylan Job has tweeted hints at a big reveal this coming Friday… So looking forward to hearing some concrete info about Starhawk / Warhawk 2 / Starhawk: Warhawk 2 / whatever they’re planning to call it, and given how he doesn’t like releasing early info about his games, could mean a release verysoon indeed, rather than the usual announcements over a year in advance.

    Oh and as for PSN credit? Sony have confirmed we get 2 PS3 games from a list of 5 and 2 PSP oes from a list of 4. 🙂

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