F1 2011 Developer Diary

The first developer diary features work-in-progress gameplay footage from the game as key talent in the development team explain how F1 2011 will be “a far more complete package this time around.” Stephen Hood, Chief Games Designer says, “This is the next step for us and we keep pushing forward. Some people think it’s just about updating the teams and drivers and you just ship the next game out. It’s nothing like that at all. There’s a stack of new stuff in there.” Executive Producer Paul Jeal explains that in addition to the raft of new content and improvements, 2011’s rule changes naturally lead to an even more exciting game, “We’re all experiencing this 2011 season for the first time and these [new] elements are really bringing so much more to the strategy and the racing. It’s such a better experience in terms of racing – when do you deploy your KERS? Are you in the DRS zone? The tyre strategy elements… it’s all really going to play into a much more complete experience this year.”


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