F1 2011 Developer Diary Shows Handling and AI

F1 2011 is shaping up to dump all over F1 2010 from a great height, and to prove that we’ve got Codemasters’ latest development video for you. The new Developer Diary features new work-in-progress gameplay footage as key talent from the development team explain how the game’s handling and AI has taken big steps forward from F1 2010. In F1 2011, the handling will allow players to “really attack kerbs” and race “nose to tail” at high speed as cars are engineered to become more responsive to authentically recreate the unique F1 racing experience.

“The suspension has changed completely, the aero has been updated, you can feel more involved with the car now,” said Stephen Hood, discussing the game’s handling.

“For me that’s [the handling] the thing I wanted to correct as much as possible and improve,” commented Anthony Davidson. “You’ve got a lot more mechanical grip available to you and you can feel that in the slow speed corners. We’ve seen a big step.”

“The easiest way to look at the AI this time around is that they’re more dynamic in their decisions,” said Paul Jeal. “In F1 2010 they would often make the right decision but then that situation would change and they were committed to a course of action.  In F1 2011 they’re aware of all the variables, all the surroundings and they’re able to adapt their responses on the fly.”  Stephen Hood added: “It’s about them being in synch with the player, following the rhythm of the race.”


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