Age of Zombies Coming to the iPhone Next Month

Here at TheGamingReview we’re big fans of Halfbrick’s games. We recently reviewed both Monster Dash and Fruit Ninja and gave them a 4 and 5 star rating respectively. Today Halfbrick have announced their next adventure starring the main man himself, Barry Steakfries, fresh from his adventures in Monster Dash.

The information is outlined below, but the important news is that the new release for iPhone and iPad (and already seen on the PSP) will be out some time next month. We’ll do our best to run a review ASAP, but if Helfbrick manage what they achieved with their previous two iPhone outings then we could be looking at something hugely fun. View the screenshots below to get an idea of what to expect…

Upon arriving at the laboratory of the evil Professor Brains, Barry discovers a plot to destroy mankind by sending zombies throughout time to wreak havoc! As a pro-shooting kind of guy, Barry rises to the challenge and steps through the portal, determined to save the world and make it home in time for dinner.

Players will blast their way through five unique worlds in this hilarious twin-stick shooter! Featuring zombie cavemen, mummies, ninjas and the legendary Zombie T-Rex, Barry has an action playground just waiting to be explored. Age of Zombies includes the full story mode spanning five worlds with multiple levels, as well as Survival mode with global leaderboards for high score junkies.

Everything has also been improved from the original Playstation Minis version, with updated graphics, new menus and the intuitive touch-specific controls and tutorials. This is the definitive Age of Zombies experience, dressed to impress as a Universal app for both iPhone and iPad.

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  1. Played the minis version of this and it’s great. Got a good sense of humour too.

    Unfortunately I keep reading the main protagonist’s name (Barry Steakfries) as that of one of the characters on Screenwipe & Newsipe – comedian Barry S**tpeas.

    That’s got to be some sort of Charlie Brooker homage, surely.

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