New Skullgirls Story Trailer

For the last few months we’ve been slowing wetting ourselves with excitement about Skullgirls. Just to make matters worse for us, Autumn Games have released a Story mode trailer, showing the idea behind the Skullgirls storyline. It’s looking utterly tremendous, and the video right here (which contains impressive amounts of cartoon cleavage a one girl getting her left boob poked) is enough to get any fighting fan a bit hot under the collar. For the game, obviously. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

I might stop writing now.

Take a look!


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  1. Guess it’s not the game for me. Maybe if there was a man being poked in his ample bum, or ample crotch I’d be interested. 😉 Just kidding! 😛 Or maybe I’m not 😉 Though I wish people would realise that some gamers are girls, or some men are just wanting to play a cool game for game’s sake, and why aren’t there more female types of characters – instead of being one dimensional, only there for one thing? There aren’t a lot of male characters in games like this – one dimensional, wearing very little while the women aren’t, etc. Can you imagine if that was the case? Sometimes there will only be one female character and they’re like this, while you will see an array of different types of men: young and old, fat, thin, and muscley (sorry probably not a word), good looking and ugly, etc.. Female character, in most games, are thought firstly for attraction, men are not. Not sure if I’m making any sense here..

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