Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Offers 3 Day Head Start, Beta Access

NCsoft today launches the Pre-Purchase programme for Guild Wars 2, the most anticipated MMO launching this year. Players who pre-purchase the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s, Digital Deluxe or Standard/Digital Editions will receive guaranteed entry into beta weekend events and a three-day headstart prior to launch. As a bonus, players who pre-purchase any edition will also receive an exclusive Hero’s Band, providing their Guild Wars 2 characters with a broad range of power boosts.

So, we’ve got the breakdown of what you can look forward to as well as the latest trailer which features explosions, two-headed monsters and dragon-type things with purple bits on them. That’s down at the bottom in case you can’t find it. Down there is also a photo of the collectors edition so you can see what you’re hard earned cash will be swapped for.

The three versions of Guild Wars 2 available for pre-purchase are:

The Standard/Digital Edition:
– Guild Wars 2 serial code (to activate the game at launch)
– Guaranteed access to Guild Wars 2 beta events
– Three day ‘headstart’ access to Guild Wars 2 at launch
– Exclusive ‘Hero’s Band’ in-game item

The Digital Deluxe Edition:
Includes the digital features of the Standard Edition (as above) plus five in-game items, including a Mistfire Wolf that will fight alongside players and a miniature Rytlock who will accompany them on their travels through Tyria.

The Collector’s Edition:
For the complete Guild Wars 2 experience, the Collector’s Edition includes all of the contents found within the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe editions, plus:
– A 25 centimetre hand-painted Rytlock Brimstone statue wielding a flaming sword
– 112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 hardback book
– Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD
– A custom art frame complete with portfolio and five Guild Wars 2 art prints
– Collectible Metal Box

This is what £129.99 buys you... pretty neat if you're a Guild Wars fan.

The Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition retails at an eye-watering £129.99, the Digital Deluxe at a slightly less but still slightly watery-eyed £64.99 and the Standard/Digital Edition at a more wallet-friendly £49.99. To take advantage of these special Pre-Purchase promotions and to secure a copy of Guild Wars 2, players can visit or one of several participating retailers.

Players may also pre-order Guild Wars 2 at select retailers, allowing them to reserve their copy of the game at launch. Players who pre-order Guild Wars 2 will receive a one-day headstart prior to launch. Pre-purchase differs from pre-order as players buy the game outright before release and gain fantastic benefits through the Pre-Purchase programme.


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