Update #2: Homefront’s Story Becoming Even More Real

Last March we wrote an article about how North Korea, famed for their immense governmental secrecy, were apparently developing an EMP bomb that could have replicated their actions in the Homefront story by taking out the power across the whole of the USA. At the same time, fuel was reaching record highs, again setting a parallel to the timings of the Homefront world. In December, things got a bit more weird and coincidental when Kim Jong-il died, just a month ahead of when you passed away in-game.

And so it’s been with great interest and some underlying unease that I’ve been following the news of North Korea’s attempts to launch their own rocket into space, shrouded in secrecy but supposedly intended to get a new satellite up into nearby space. It doesn’t take a genius to work out how they hid the launch of their EMP bomb in Homefront – yup, by launching a satellite into orbit. Many international experts are convinced this was a nuclear missile test, which would have pissed off quite a lot of countries, and that’s where things slot back into place.

While the events in the game time the EMP launch in the year 2024, there’s is a much earlier entry in the history books in 2011 regarding a secret nuclear missile test. Where the comparison falls apart a little is both in the year it took place, the fact it was Kim Jong-il who approved the launch in the game, and THQ’s version didn’t have the missile falling apart shortly after launch and landing in the sea.

It’s a tenuous connection, and I suspect the links will start becoming more and more distant as time draws on, but it’s still fascinating to look for parallels between the real world and the one thought up by THQ and their writing bods.

Incidentally, we’re looking forward to seeing what Crytek come up with in Homefront 2, even though we don’t really know a fat lot about it…

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