The Day Gaming News Stood Still

This time of year is a bit rubbish for gamers. It’s great for sport fans, with Euro 2012, Wimbledon, the Olympics and all that it’s a sport-fest, for gamers? Nah. And so we’ve had a weird situation today, where nothing all that interesting happened. There’s some more rumours knocking around about the next generation of consoles, but chances are it’s all a load of rubbish. Australia have finally got an 18+ age rating for its games, but that’s hardly massively exciting either.

There’s some pretty cool stuff to come later this week, we’ve finally had chance to review Sniper Elite v2 and Sorcery, so they’ll be along quite soon, and we’ve been playing through Babel Rising as well, so keep an eye out for that.

But seriously, this is quite unusual. It’s a bit like Torchwood Miracle Day, but without John Barrowman. Let’s hope the pre-summer lull buggers off some time soon and gets replaced by some gaming goodness. Meanwhile, here’s some dogs surfing over the weekend.

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