F1 Online: The Game Enters Open Beta

F1 fans take note – something special has just landed on your doorstep ready to race. Codemasters have announced that F1 Online has now entered an open beta phase, meaning you guys can sign up and give it a go before its official release!

It combines intuitive top-down racing gameplay with an accessible and fun management game. Players will compete in online multiplayer races across a range of game modes, including Grand Prix events, Championships and a range of quick-fire challenges and Time Trials. Wheel-to-wheel racing comes alive across a range of custom and licensed circuits, as players use simple controls on track and become the boss of a racing team off it.

To lead their team to victory, players will choose how to develop their team HQ and create, customise and upgrade their very own racing car. Gamers will decide their team name, create a team emblem, choose a livery for their car and pick the colour and design of the driver’s helmet. In the role of team boss, gamers can also research and produce a range of car components, including upgrading the gearbox, brakes, KERS, rear wing and engine, to improve their performance on race day.

There’s even a neat looking trailer to feast your eyes on. Go and sign up at www.F1OnlineTheGame.com and give it a go, it’s great fun!


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