DLC Review: Assassinate the Fuhrer (Sniper Elite V2)

Funny isn’t it, just how many games have been based on World War 2, pitching you as soon awesome war hero that kicks ass and earns accolades from the entire world… and yet hardly any directly feature Hitler. Sniper Elite V2 was one such game, right up until the point you grab the Assassinate the Fuhrer DLC.

Provided free with pre-orders this extra mission will now set you back just shy of £8 or 800 points, a fairly hefty price tag for a single mission that runs alongside, not as part of, the main single player campaign. Single missions can still be pretty meaty and involving though, so ignoring the quantity for now let’s take a look at the campaign itself which you’ll find hiding in the single player challenges menu.

The general idea of the mission is pretty simple – reach a vantage point high up a hill and put a bullet through a suitable part of our friend Adolf. Of course it’s not as simple as just going for a walk and taking an easy shot, you’ll need to use several techniques learnt in the main campaign as well as making the most of noises around you to take out your opponents without raising the alarm. Doing that isn’t easy; even from the very first moment you’ve got enemies keeping a very close eye out for you. Do you lay a trap and try to get their attention, or go the sneaky route and make as little noise as possible? Either way eyeing up bad guys in the distance is a must – try and plough into this one unprepared and you won’t last long.

There’s a good challenge in this; plenty of Nazis to worry about on your way to the sniping spot, and once you’re up there and start to piss them off you’ll have a bit of a game on your hands to keep your head down while picking off everyone trying to take your head off. You’ll even need to take out a tank, which is tough with so many others having shots at you. While all this is going on Hitler is ducking between cover, trying to reach his train to take him away from danger. Play your cards right and he’ll end up an ex-Hitler, with the mission coming to a disappointingly sudden ending.

It’s an enjoyable mission, but won’t keep you occupied for all that long (pardon the inappropriate war-based pun). Is it worth £8? Frankly, no. You can buy the whole game for £25, so adding another 30% on top of that for one single mission (that won’t even give achievement hunters anything to win) is a little hard to take. Cut the price in half and you’ve got a decent add-on for a very decent game, but as it stands it’s very tough to recommend.

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