What’s New in DC Universe Online?

Another in our irregular series of updates on the world of DC Universe Online, this time looking at what’s changed since May and what’s coming soon.

I’ll come clean, despite loving this game, I’ve not played it much lately, but the recent 50% off DLC sale on the store piqued my interest again. I happily bought DLC2 & 3 (Lightning Strikes & Battle for Earth) and set about re-immersing myself in the world of DCUO.

First thing I realised I needed to do was catch up on what I had missed, so here’s a quick round-up of everything that has gone into the game since our last update.

…and if that’s not enough, we also have a sneak preview of what is coming next.

Update 13 (May 2012):

• Spring seasonal event – a repeat of last year’s Swamp Thing event

• Tokens of Merit – trade any spare Marks picked up in previous seasonal events into Tokens of Merit

• Raid teleporters – new teleporters to allow you extra time to get into boss fights after you get knocked out

• PVP – some improvements to the PVP combat system


DLC 4 “The Last Laugh”

• New weapon type: Shield

• Safehouse battles – heroes and villains can now invade each others safehouses in three new game types – Tech Recovery, Hostage Rescue, Bomb Disposal

• HQ battles – two-part 8v8 battles in the JLA Watchtower or the Hall of Doom

• New Legend PVP characters: Kilowog, Amon Sur, Ursa, Bizarro, Power Girl


Update 14 (June 2012):

• PVP matchmaking improvements

• Prometheum Lockboxes now contain “New 52” inspired gear, and coloured auras you can equip

• New Tier 3 PVP gear


Update 15 (27th June 2012):

• The “Arkham Asylum” Legends PVP map is now available as a PVP arena map for DLC4 owners & subscribers

• Updated Re-Spec device in the HQs


Update 16 (17th July 2012):

• Seasonal Event: The Tides of War – Atlantean civil war has reached the waters of Metropolis

• “The Moon” Legends PVP map – exclusive to DLC4 owners & subscribers

• 3 new military style sets added to the Vault

• Bludhaven raid has been rebalanced to make it slightly easier.


Update 17 (7th August 2012):

• Mental & Gadget powers have been updated – some powers have been retired and replaced with new ones, some have been added to the Iconic Powers tree, and the visuals have had an overhaul.

• “Ace Chemicals” Legends PVP map is now available as an Arena for DLC4 owners and subscribers

• Map UI has been overhauled



On top of that,news has recently broken about the NEXT update and also an upcoming DLC pack

Update 18 (Coming soon – currently on the PC test server)

• Unified currency system – Tier 1, 2, 3 and Lightning Strikes DLC gear will all be purchased using Marks of Triumph (instead of each having their own currency as present). If you have any of the retired currencies (Marks of Distinction, Momentum and Krypton), they can be exchanged for 5/10/25 Marks of Triumph respectively. As everything except the Tier 4 gear is now bought with same currency, you will now have to meet a minimum combat rating to be able to purchase them – Tier 2 = 43, Tier 3 & Lightning DLC = 53

• Content Restructuring – many Duos, Alerts and Raids have been made more difficult and moved to higher tiers with upgraded loot and rewards. Although there will now be fewer lower level events, the time it takes to progress to the higher tiers will be the same or quicker.

• Weekly bonuses for completing Duos, Challenges and Alerts, Monthly bonuses for completing Raids (more loot and Marks)

• Duos and Challenges – Bosses have learned some new tricks, as have some of the matched rank NPCs


DLC 5 Hand of Fate – Coming soon – presumably £7.99

• “Operations” – 6 new episodes of missions for group play that take place in the open world (3 hero, 3 villain)

• new solo side missions

• new magical Legends PVP characters

• Utility Belts – allow you to carry up to 3 extra consumables or trinkets


Personally, I’m really looking forward to the changes coming in Update 18 – and the new open world stuff in DLC5 – how about you? I still have a lot of character progression to do to even be able to play some of the DLC content in I just purchased, so I’m happy that the game content is being rejigged for a more even, steady progression.

Are you still playing DCUO? If not, will these changes tempt you back?

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