What We Know (Maybe) About the New Metal Gear Solid

So the 25th anniversary of Metal Gear is here and over in Japan, Kojima took to the stage to show off Kojima Productions’ new Fox Engine which powers Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes. Although video footage as not been released on to the web, plenty of people have been tweeting about it.

This demo shows Snake in the midst of another sneaking mission, during which he is seen avoiding searchlights, taking out an enemy sentry, taking control of a Jeep and then calling in a helicopter. All this is done in an open world environment.
All that has been released to the public is a single image, and fans of the series will be aware that the soldier in the image no longer looks like Solid Snake . On closer inspection you will notice the patch on his arm is Militaires Sans Frontières and just above his night vision goggles there is a strap of an eye patch. So unless Kojima is trying to pull a fast one (which he has been known to do in the past, MGS 2 anyone?) the soldier in the image is none other than Big Boss.

With the Tokyo Game Show just around the corner and Kojima being at PAX, more details for Ground Zeroes and maybe a video will be with us soon.

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