A Week of Cracking Demos on PSN

PS3 owners amongst you have got a treat in store this week. In case you haven’t looked yet, you’ve got some cracking demos to be had. Whether you like racing, shooting (in a football sense) or shooting (in a bang bang you’re dead sense) there’s plenty to be had. So without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got.

F1 2012
If you’re one of our many Twitter followers you might have already seen our F1 2012 maths. For those who missed out, here’s a little equation for you: F1 2011 + Racenet + Added Awesome = F1 2012. Go and download it.

EA have been promising a whole new experience with FIFA13 and initial impressions are very impressive. VERY impressive. It’ll be good to see the full game when it arrives, but meanwhile the demo shows just why FIFA has become the football game of choice.

With Codemasters taking their rallying titles in a different direction it’s down to WRC3 to give us a proper timed rally experience. WRC2 was a decent improvement on the original title, and this looks like the improvements are improving further.

Resident Evil 6
It’s been some time coming, but the latest Resident Evil title is now within touching distance. Grab your gun, get tooled up and see what’s been polished since the last Resi title.

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