iPhone Review: Canabalt

Canabalt has been a popular Flash game on the Interwebs for quite a while, but the iPhone version brings the addictive run-like-hell-em-up straight to your pocket ready for a daring escape whenever you’re in the mood.

The premise is simple, despite never being explicitly explained. Aliens are attacking, and your office is about to be taken out. Best thing to do? Run. Bursting through a window your escape begins, running across rooftops at full speed, leaping over boxes and onto other buildings as they crumble around you. Huge blocks of buildings land ahead of you to avoid, and just as you get into your stride you need an intricate jump through a window, along a corridor and back out the other side.

All this with one finger.

So, you’re running along, and tapping the screen to jump. When you say it like that, it sounds insultingly simple. But that’s the last thing Canabalt is. Timing your jumps takes practise, and you’ll need lightning reactions to navigate the rooftops and obstacles successfully. Meanwhile, some fantastic and atmospheric music plays. The game even tells you that “for added awesomeness” you should be wearing headphones, which surprisingly does make a big difference. It sounds ace.

Simple concept, tricky game. But as you can post your score to Twitter when you’re done, giving an endless amount of competition, it’s becomes a highly addictive score-beater. And as with all good score-based games you’ll want to beat it time and time again, just for your own satisfaction. It’s a brilliant game. Worth every penny.


Price: £1.79

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