Bethesda Soundtracks Available on iTunes

the games are full of awesome music…

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If you’ve ever played a Bethesda game, you’ll know just how brilliant the soundtracks can be. Whether it’s the beautiful and wistful themes that sweep the mountains and hills of Skyrim, the pre-apocalyptic tunes in Fallout 3 or the drama of Rage the games are full of awesome music, and right here we’ve got the details and links to get hold of each one.

morrowind-soundtrackart-1600x1600 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Original Game Soundtrack
(Jeremy Soule) — £7.99
oblivion-soundtrackart-1600x1600 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Original Game Soundtrack
(Jeremy Soule) — £7.99


skyrim-soundtrack-1600x1600 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Original Game Soundtrack
(Jeremy Soule) — £14.99


fallout3_soundtrack_1600x1600 Fallout 3 Original Game Soundtrack
(Inon Zur) — £10.99


fnv_soundtrack_1600x1600 Fallout: New Vegas Original Game Soundtrack
(Inon Zur) — £10.99


dishonored_soundtrack_1600x1600 Dishonored Original Game Soundtrack
(Daniel Licht) — £7.99


rage-soundtrackart-1600x1600 RAGE Original Game Soundtrack
(Rod Abernethy) — £7.99



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