Need Inspiration for the Classic FM Hall of Fame?

The voting for this year’s Classic FM Hall of Fame closes on Friday, and for those of you who aren’t aware we’re supporting a big push (as we did last year) to get some of the most awesome gaming music into the highly acclaimed and very hard fought top 300. With the voting encompassing all classical music from the earliest times of score writing right up to the present day there’s a massive amount of gorgeous music to choose from, but we’d like to see more gaming tunes make it.

Last year, a huge effort by the catchy-titled Get Video Games Music Into the Classic FM Hall of Fame (let’s see you fit that on a pin badge) got the Skyrim theme to number 238, and as we reported the minute it was announced, Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy VII landed at a dizzying number 16.

To stay in the chart, they need votes. So to inspire you here are three of our favourite video game tunes, including the two mentioned above. Click here to vote for your favourites, and help keep gaming tunes in the public ears!

First up, the beautiful Aerith’s Theme from FFVII…

Next on the menu… badabim, badabim, bada bam bam Skyrim…

And lastly an ever-present from one of the finest game series to hit modern consoles: Uncharted.

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