History: Legends of War Gameplay Trailer

Those of you after a bit of historically accurate war fun are in luck – History: Legends of War isn’t far from release and there’s a whole new trailer to see, including some gameplay footage. It’ll be interesting to see if this XCOM-style war game will live up to its alien-like cousin, but meanwhile here’s the trailer and a few features you can look forward to…

[springboard type=”video” id=”674983″ player=”tgrv002″ width=”640″ height=”360″ ]

  • 4 Operations, 21 missions, 44 battlefield maps & 36 different types of unit
  • Varied mission types, including attack, infiltration, defence, escort and sabotage.
  • Unique combination of 2 strategy game mechanics: high-level strategic management and turn-based tactics.
  • 44 different battlefield maps consisting of 3 different environments: countryside, snow and cities.
  • 36 different types of units: command infantry, armoured vehicles and aircrafts, special units (including snipers, elite forces and commandos) fighters and bombers.
  • Go Head-to-Head with the Hotseat multiplayer mode.

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