Not Ebay, Ebuyer! – Win a PS3

Fancy winning a PS3? Of course you do. Everyone loves free stuff. Ebuyer’s people have been in touch with TheGamingReview inviting you, our intrepid readers, a chance to win a PS3 and other cool stuff. It’s not a simple question though, you’ll need to use a bit of imagination to bag the goods. Read their explanation below and hit the link if you’re interested! is inviting people to assist its latest branding exercise and help distinguish it from Ebay, in a video competition that is running until 31st December 2010.

Ebuyer, a leading online electronics retailer, has devised the competition after a number of customers have got the two brands mixed up. The competition invites people to send in videos proclaiming the difference, in order to win one of three prizes – a Sony Playstation 3, an 8GB Apple iPod Touch and a Kodak Easyshare C182 digital camera.

Ebuyer’s Managing Director, Armando Sanchez said: “Since our brand names are similar we felt a light-hearted competition such as this would be a great way of establishing the difference between us.”

All people need to do to enter Ebuyer’s latest competition is make a short video of themselves shouting “not Ebay, Ebuyer!”. The winning video will be selected based on a number of criteria but “the more hilarious and ridiculous the situation, the better”.

For more details on how to submit your video and information about the competition, visit


  1. sounds like an absolute corker of an idea i think! Going to get my film making gloves on and smash out a serious blockbuster!

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