The News Review: Edition 4

Here at The Gaming Review we know that not all you busy gamers want to turn off GTA V to search for the latest in gaming news, so to help you out we’ve found the biggest articles from the past seven days and included them here, in a nice easy to read bullet point format:

  • Namco Bandai has announced that Dark Souls II Collectors Edition, Limited Black Armour Pre-Order Edition, and the standard game will be released in America on March 11th 2014 on PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • Sony announce a Playstation App for smartphones to interact with PS4, which will allow you to take control of some of the consoles key features, such as using the Playstation store or checking trophies, using your phone.
  • Sony have also confirmed on Twitter that the PS4 will be able to capture game footage over HDMI.
  • It has also been announced by SCEE boss Jim Ryan that four profiles can be signed in at once on PS4.
  • Grand Theft Auto V exceeds an incredible $800 million on launch, with Rockstar beating its record for day one sales.
  • The petition to bring GTA V to the PC has now reached over 400,000 signatures, where as the petition to bring it to Wii U has completely flopped.
  • Capcom has released 3 fetching new screenshots for the upcoming PS4 Exclusive Deep Down.
  • DICE have suggested that Battlefield 4 could feature head tracking on Xbox One, with the game developers looking into using the Kinect to enhance controls.
  • Deep Silver uses the GTA V launch for publicity of their new Saints Row 4 DLC, GAT V, causing CNN to tweet #GATV on a Grand Theft Auto launch post.
  • Microsoft clarifies that Ryse: Son of Rome will run at an upscaled 1080p on the Xbox One, despite the game running at a native 900p.
  • Battlefield 4 and Fifa 14 release dates for PS4 and Xbox One have been confirmed. Both will be released on November 19th (America) and November 21st (Europe) for Xbox One, and November 12th (America) and November 29th (Europe) for PS4.
  • The Humble Indie Bundle has now included the awesome Rocketbirds: HardBoiled Chicken, A Virus Named TOM, Bastion and Limbo if you pay above the average of $4.73.

And finally, the top releases this week:

The Elder Scrolls Anthology (PC) – September 16th
Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, Xbox 360) – September 17th
Foul Play (Xbox 360) – September 18th
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) – September 20th
Hot Wheels: World’s Best Driver (PS3, Xbox 360) – September 20th
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner – Soul Hackers (3DS) – September 20th
Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning (3DS) – September 20th
Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny (PC) – September 20th

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