Review: The Wolf Among Us – Episode 2

The Wolf Among Us surprised a few people when it was released last month, and with the fascinating mix between fairy story and murder mystery it’s bound to carry on surprising people who come into the series without prior knowledge. The end of episode 1 saw a pretty shocking series of events which left us with our favourite Big Bad Wolf dealing with a double murder investigation after two characters somehow ended up without their heads. With Episode 2 released now, the story continues with plenty more surpises in store.

The main bulk of this episode is centred around Bigby trying to figure out exactly what happened to one of the murder victims from last time round. With help from a hugely unexpected source he starts to press home his suspicions on who might have done the evil doings, and after a potentially violent interaction with Georgie Porgie (who now owns a strip club and is every bit as pleasant to his employees as the nursery rhyme would make you expect) the pieces start to fit together, leading up to another Telltale specialism – the cliffhanger “holy shit” ending. If you see this one coming, then you need to explore the possibilities of being mildly phsychic.


This is a slower episode than Faith, and while you’ll spend most of these two or three hours interrogating and less of it taking part in action sequences, it seems quite apparent to me that this is building up to something pretty spectacular. It’s akin to a TV series which brings the excitement down a peg for the purpose of plot development, only for the final few episodes to be a non-stop rollercoaster of action. I hope that’s where this is going anyway; we certainly start to see a bit more of the Big Bad Wolf in Bigby this time, and with the plot ending where it does there’s plenty of scope for plenty of ass-kicking later on.

Of course the funny thing about reviewing this episode is that you won’t be buying this on its own, but you might well be wondering if you should press on beyond the opening part of the story and fork out for further episodes. Looked at in isolation, this latest step in the Wolf Among Us series is possibly a little underwhelming, but it’s an importing piece of the puzzle which serves as a very effective springboard to launch what looks to be a far more intense and shock-filled second half of the story. Go into it knowing that and your disappointment will be kept on hold, ready to hopefully be blown out the water in a month or two.

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