Can’t Get Pixeljunk Monsters Free on PS Plus? Here’s a Fix…

Many of you will be getting frustrated while trying to access one of this month’s free PS Plus titles for the Vita: Pixeljunk Monsters. Instead of the expected and delightful price of “Free”, many users (me included) have been getting the price of £9.99 or £7.99 showing up instead.

Having tried a few things though, we found a workaround that should let you pick up the game without paying for it. Hooray! Bear in mind this isn’t anything dodgy, you’ll still need PS Plus, it’s just a route which seems to work.

1) Sign in to the web store at (make sure you sign in at the home page)

2) Go to the games section, and click the Vita link on the left hand side. DON’T follow the PS Plus links.

3) Scroll down until you find Pixeljunk Monsters in amongst all the other Vita games. It should, provided you’ve followed the steps, be listed as free.

4) Click on the shopping cart icon next to the word “Free” to add it to your cart.

5) Go through the checkout process as normal.


Hey presto! It’s downloading to my Vita as we speak, so it definitely works. Good luck!

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