DriveClub PS Plus vs Retail Explained…

A lot of people have been asking a lot of questions about the Playstation Plus version of the awesome PS4 racer DriveClub, which is out later this year. Luckily for those with the questions, here’s a video explaining it in a way that most people had probably figured out. It’s quite entertaining though…


  1. Whilst the “upgrade to the full version” sounds good in principle, they do state in that video that if your subscription expires, you won’t be able to play any more. While that might not be an issue if you’re paying a tenner to upgrade, the fact that this upgrade to the full version costs FORTY THREE POUNDS means this news is really sticking in some peoples’ craw.

    Feel like Sony are doing a “Microsoft 2013” with the way they’re handling this… Last year they were saying the difference between the two is “a few cars and tracks”, now they are saying the Plus version is only about a fifth of the content.

    Apparently the trophies etc transfer from the Plus edition to the Blu-ray / full download option, so perhaps the best option will be to play the plus edition for a while, and if you like it, buy the retail disc when the in-store price has dropped, invariably to less than the upgrade would have cost anyway – best of both worlds.

  2. Or just don’t buy it at all and stick two fingers up to this way of releasing a game.
    What is a “microsoft 2013” anyway?

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