Pure Pool All Set for Shiny-Balled Fun

Pure Pool is out soon on next-gen consoles and PC, and looks to take the awesome Hustle Kings formula and make it even better.

Pure Pool is a socially connected game through and through and will immerse you in a bustling virtual pool hall packed with online players, all just itching to get racked up and take you on!  Be it in a one-off head-to-head or as part of one of many global online leagues.

However, the unique Pure DNA profiling feature even gives solo gameplay a social dimension, allowing you to practice your shots against friends in their absence by playing an AI interpretation based on their playing styles. Players will even be able to take on the developers, simply by downloading their DNA profiles – which will be free at launch.

Pure Pool will be available to download soon, but for now just feast your eyes upon what lies in store… and prepare for the most authentic pool experience from the comfort of your couch!


  1. The graphics are sweet, but the game lacks dynamics. Each time you take a shot it’s zoomed in too much to the cueball, there is no power bar so you have no idea how hard you are hitting the ball, there is no quick overhead view button for positional analysing, and the buttons are not customizable which ruins the flow of the gameplay each time you have to look at the keyboard to see which buttons to press. The aiming feels like your mouse is on the lowest speed possible while trying to move the aim line left or right, which results in each shot taking well over 1 minute each with all the accumulative issues stated above.

    I was hoping for a really fresh, fun to play pool game to play after spending years on Pool Shark 2, but this isn’t it, I guess i’ll go back to Pool Shark 2 until something better comes out (crosses fingers).

    Although, if there was a patch to fix all those things above, i would consider buying it, but i’m not ready to open my wallet for this game.

    • Our review will be coming soon, but I’ve also noticed some of the things you’ve mentioned. The biggest thing for me right now is what you said about the camera being so close to the cue ball, certainly makes things tougher than they could be…

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