EA PWNED_: Episode 2

After a hugely successful debut episode PWNED_: returns with a look behind the scenes of everything EA.

This month hosts Sian Welby and Matt Cuttle travel the world and talk to the guys behind the hottest new games. This month’s episode sees the crew go in search of thrills, spills and massive hotel bills.

The first stop on the PWNED_: tour is Sweden and the DICE Studios where we find out just how the amazing sound effects are created using a host of everyday objects… and guns, lots of guns.

Vancouver also plays host to the team as we join World Heavyweight Champion David Haye as his famous ‘Hayemaker’ and a range of other equally devastating blows are captured for Fight Night Champion. Appearing in the game and on the box the champ is heavily involved in EA Canada’s latest game but who would he like to play as in Fight Night Champion? Tune in to find out.

With all that globetrotting it feels rather apt that the team pay a visit to Bulletstorm developer, People Can Fly to find out about a brand new weapon in the game known only as the Driller. That’s right you heard it – this episode is all driller, no filler.

Finally we travel back in time to the Middle Ages with Sims Medieval producer, Aaron Cohen who discusses his greatest gaming achievement.

So be sure to take a journey with PWNED_: Episode 2… Buckle up it’s going to get entertaining.


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