Metro Redux Trailer Shows Huge Visual Improvements

For fans of the Metro series, like us, the news of Metro Redux was met with much happiness. The trailer below, just released, shows some great new visual touches and some fantastic lighting used. In the video, discover how 4A Games have made Metro Redux one of the most complete and ambitious ‘remasters’ of modern times.

Improved graphics, new game modes and additional content and features make Metro Redux a compelling package for newcomers and Metro fans alike.


  1. Without some frustrating bugs (Especially in LLR) both are the best camping experience I’ve been through, I feel more emotion than COD: MW2. Come with a heart-touching soundtrack and awesome in-game graphics (Thank 4A Engine, but have you ever imagine it powered by engines like Frostbite or CRYENGINE? I’d die for it. 😀 ). Thank you 4A Games for bringing me one of the best gaming experiences in my life. Wish you all the best come to you guys.

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