Shadow Warrior’s Reboot Arrives Next Month

Want to mix up some head-removing sword play with some classic FPS shooting action? Well of course, why wouldn’t you? Luckily for you Shadow Warrior is out in a few weeks. You might remember the name from aaaaages ago – the late 90s in fact – when 3D Realms (you know, the Duke Nukem people) released it on the PC. Well now it’s back on the PS4 and One, and it looks pretty good from what we’ve seen.The actual release is on the 24th October. That’s soon!

Shadow Warrior tells the offbeat tale of Zilla Enterprise’s corporate shogun, Lo Wang, who is ordered by his employer to track down and acquire a legendary blade known as the Nobitsura Kage. Forced into a timeless battle, Lo Wang learns of the blade’s connection to ancient gods from another realm, pushing our world to the brink of destruction. Aided by Hoji, a banished spirit from this mysterious world, Lo Wang must use a masterful combination of gun, blade, magic and wit to discover the truth behind the demonic invasion and banish the encroaching forces back into the darkness.

You want features? We have features:

  • Shadow Warrior Reborn– A bold new vision of the cult classic Shadow Warrior, reimagined with a blend of modern design, inventive combat mechanics, and a contemporary retelling of Lo Wang’s comical rise to legend.
  • Brutal Gunplay – Utilize every gun in your formidable arsenal – from flashy revolvers and quad barrel shotguns to explosive-tipped crossbow bolts and laser-guided rocket launchers – to stop the invasion right in its demonic tracks.
  • Elegant Swordplay – Unsheathe your legendary katana to slice enemies apart with precisely targeted swings or unleash fluid combos and special attacks to cut down hordes of enemies with one swift blow.
  • Powerful Magic– Call upon mystical powers to protect yourself or paralyze your enemies and then use their own severed heads and still beating hearts to pluck the life from your foes and bring them to their knees.
  • Variable Upgrade System – Augment weapons, strengthen skills, and power-up magic through an upgrade system that rewards the violent dismantling of foes and cold hard cash found throughout the game.
  • New Arena mode – sees Lo Wang facing off against waves of enemies in three custom-designed environments.
  • All-New Campaign – content featuring the head of the nefarious Zilla corporation.
  • All special edition weapons – including the sledgehammer from Serious Sam 3, katana from Hotline Miami and “Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana”

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