Review: Flower

The premise of Flower is very simple. You control the wind. That’s all there is to it. By pressing any button on the controller and tilting it in the direction you want the wind to blow, you send a flower petal spiralling through the air. Knocking into another flower opens it up and more petals will burst forth and add to the collection currently being blown about the place by your gusts of wind.

You progress through the game, starting in big open fields then moving onto areas with caverns and canyons, where unexpected gusts of wind can push your petals off course and into a rollercoaster ride at a frightening speed. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, but later levels take an unexpected twist – certainly enough to keep you hooked.

It’s a gorgeous game, environments look fantastic and the way the grass, flowers and trees move in the breeze is almost hypnotic. Seeing areas suddenly burst into colour, or watching as dark areas get engulfed in light never gets boring. The background music (which is dynamically generated as the wind blows and flowers open up) is also something to behold, and adds to the atmosphere in spades.

It’s a dangerous game if you’re short on time. You can easily get away with a 10 minute session, but could find yourself an hour later wondering where the time went. But at least you won’t get moaned at by others in the house for playing another FPS that “looks exactly the same as the last one”..! What you will find is you’ll play Flower to relax, to unwind after a hard day and just for something a little different.

Quality game, great graphics, amazing audio and trophies to boot. Top stuff.

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