December’s Free Games Preview

December provides a nice pre-Christmas selection across both machines for subscribers of their online services. Let’s break it down and see just what you guys will be playing over the festive weeks without paying an extra penny:


PS4 sees it’s first ‘full retail’ release become free with Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition. Fluid beat em up action with a full roster including previous DLC content. Secret Ponchos makes up the other PS4 release, as a top down arena shooter. Pick a wild west character, add some perks and go to town online vs others.

Cult hit Deadly Premonition HD makes its way to PS3 so if you’ve not experienced whether you’re ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ then now’s your chance. Joining it is Hitman Trilogy – chance to relive arguably the best games in the series.

Finally, Vita owners get access to Final Horizon and Titan Attacks! (the latter also available on PS3 and PS4. Fast paced strategic tower defence is at home on the Vita from Final Horizon, and Titan Attacks! brings old school shoot em up action to Sony’s machines.

Injustice on the PS4 - that's an in-game screenshot too. Crikey.
Injustice on the PS4 – just like the previous versions but bigger and prettier. And free.


Over on Xbox, Games for Gold gives Xbox One owners chance to fight it out on Worms Battlegrounds. HD visuals and exploding sheep give Xbox fans the ultimate Worms combo. Still available is Volgarr the Viking. A very old school platforming game (with some tasty next gen animations) may not be for everyone – like in the good old days, it is immensely hard.

Xbox 360 gets The Raven for the first half of the month (up to and including 15th December). A crime adventure set in episodes it will likely appeal to story fans. Finally for the latter half SSX is available. Racing others, and avalanches (along with dealing with hazardous ice caverns and low oxygen) SSX may be enough to burn off all those Christmas calories… Well, if would if it were real.

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