January’s Free Games Preview

Happy New Year folks! It’s 2015, it’s January so that means… new free games, woo!

Mystery title D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die marks Xbox One’s free title for this month. Noted as a ‘bit weird’ by many, it seems to be a love it or hate it game. Dividing players on the game much like the control scheme (controller or Kinect), it seems you as a private investigator dealing with your wife’s death. The ability to travel through time may help…

Xbox 360 owners get MX v ATV Alive (review) for the first half of the month. An acquired taste, in my opinion the MX v ATV games have always been reasonable, slightly handicapped by a floaty handling model. Not bad for free mind. The second half of January brings The Witcher 2 (review). Possibly one of the biggest games in Games for Gold since its conception, The Witcher 2 is one of the most acclaimed action RPGs of all time.

Playstation owners have a suite of titles available. Infamous First Light, the standalone DLC from Infamous: Second Son is free this month. Set before Second Son, you play ‘Fetch’, trapped in a superhuman prison coming to terms with your own powers.

The Swapper (review) joins the PS4 lineup (although also available on PS3 and Vita) – a puzzle platformed set in space, using real world models to create a unique looking game. Swapping between bodies (hence the title) is the way to progress.

Vita owners get two games probably as far apart as you could imagine. Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition updates the visuals on this classic FPS (unless you’re in Germany, gutted) to bring the bubble gum chewing Dukestar to handheld. Woah Dave on the other hand, is a classic pixelated arcade style platform action game. You really need to play it as describing it is nigh on impossible – suffice to say, everything is trying to kill you. Unclear if your name is Dave in real life whether you get additional bonuses. Mine isn’t, so I can’t confirm.

Finally on PS3, Prototype 2 (review) and Ducktales. Open world destruction is the order of the day in Prototype 2, with wall climbing, mutating chaos as you battle the Blacklight virus. Ducktales: Remastered rounds off the month, with a reimagining of the 8-bit classic. Remember how hard Ducktales was? You’re about to be reminded.

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