Review: Game Of Thrones – Season 1, Episode 2

Reviewing an individual episode of a Telltale Games title is a tricky endeavour. No-one is going to buy episode two on its own, and if you played episode one, chances are you have snapped this up eagerly to try and find out how they follow up that shocking ending.

Without spoiling episode one in any way, let’s just say that episode two is a fairly even split between controlling the now familiar characters of Gared Tuttle and Lady Mira, and the fresh (if slightly damaged) faces of Rodrik and Asher, the two Forrester brothers presumed dead and exiled, respectively.

Mechanically, as with most Telltale games, it’s a strange mix between scenes where you can wander around taking as long as you like, dialogue scenes with timers to pressure you into potentially making a bad choice, and fight scenes where you end up dying multiple times as you try and remember the controls from last month.

However, before long you are drawn once more into the struggles of House Forrester, as new alliances are formed, and backs are stabbed, sometimes quite literally. But while there are some surprising and tense developments throughout the episode, it lacked the gut-punch of an ending that episode one had, finishing on an emotional scene as opposed to a shocking one, so you can’t help but come away feeling slightly deflated over all.

It’s difficult to judge an individual episode in isolation, out of context to the rest of the season. This may well turn out to be a pivotal episode, but as this is all we have to go on so far, all I can say is that it’s another good episode but doesn’t quite live up to the roller coaster ride of episode one.

Reviewed on PS4

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