PlayStation iPhone App Released, Also on Android

With TheGamingReview covering iPhone games as well as consoles, it seems like a match made in heaven that Sony have released their official (and very free) app onto the iPhone app store. Available (for free) from this link, the app lets you see which of your friends are online, as well as checking up on your trophies. There are also options to see news updates and information about your PS3 games, and the whole thing look very slick and well made. It’s also available on the Android store, if that’s the team you bat for.

Did we mention it was free?


  1. I would of liked this to have had a queuing service like the website, however it is good for news.

    I am not too sure what good the friends list is if you can’t do anything with it. PSN messaging should be the next step me thinks

    • Definitely, the friends list alone is only good for “oh look, he’s playing Burnout”. Messaging or queueing would, as you say, be a great improvement.

  2. There appears to be no consistency with this app and the PSN on the PS3.

    When you look at your friends list on PSN (PS3), it shows those online first. On this app is shows a random order of people and you have to search for the players online.

    A nice idea but poorly implemented and not enough features. My unofficial xbox app allows me to message people from my iphone.

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