June’s Free Games Preview

Even though I’m struggling to get through the ongoing pile of games, here comes some more!

The start of June brings open world chaos in the form of Just Cause 2. This really has to be experienced, I can’t explain what it’s like really to zip line off a blimp onto a fighter jet, kick the pilot out then parachute onto a moving truck whilst shooting bad guys. Xbox 360 owners can experience it soon.

The 2nd half of the month has Thief creeping through the shadows. Folks were waiting for a new Thief for many years, sadly reviews weren’t really favourable but at least you can now decide for yourself.

On Xbox One, Pool Nation FX is, yet again, free. It’s almost as though they can’t give it away (yet for the third month in a row, they’re trying). I still can’t get it to complete a game without crashing but maybe I’m asking too much? Thankfully this month’s new game is Massive Chalice. From Double Fine (creators of Psychonauts, BrĂ¼tal Legend, and Iron Brigade), Massive Chalice is their second Kickstarter success. A turn based strategy game with a distinctive art style, it is determined to play with your emotions as you press through it.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (review here) headlines PS Plus this month. Some refer to it as a glorified demo but treat it as a warm up for the full Metal Gear 5 release later this year. It’s actually fairly replayable with lots to explore and experience – well worth a look.

Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition is also on PS4 and is a tactical Advanced Wars-esque strategy game. Nice art style, a bit of an eclectic sense of humour but worth checking out.

PS3 owners get Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (review) and Cloudberry Kingdom. There aren’t enough games about the Wild West and Gunslinger goes about trying to rectify this. Revisiting old legends of the West, this is making me wish I still had a PS3. Compounding that feeling, Cloudberry Kingdom is a super brutal well paced platformer. Remember hard how games used to be? This will remind you.

For Vita (and also PS4), Super Exploding Zoo is from the people behind last month’s slightly insane Hohokum. Similarly, this is mental. This is the official blurb: “Round up herds of exploding animals and rampage through 80 destructible levels, seeing off hordes of greedy alien marauders by blowing them up!” Says it all.

Finally, Futuridium (also supporting cross-buy) is a fast paced retro vector shooter. It should bring back memories of the likes of Tempest flooding back.

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