Portal 2 on PS3 Gets an Impressive Box of Tricks

Back at E3, Gabe Newell came on stage giving a vague promise that the PS3 version of Portal 2 will be the best version. Since then, speculation has been rife as to what could make it so great. Well, today he’s let one or two cats out of his bag and explained:

“We made a promise to gamers at E3 that Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 would be the best console version of the product. Working together with Sony we have identified a set of features we believe are very compelling to gamers. We hope to expand upon the foundation being laid in Portal 2 with more Steam features and functionality in DLC and future content releases.”

So what does that mean? Well, how about a key included to play Portal 2 on the PC or Mac as well? How about being able to play co-op with PC or Mac players (complete with cross-platform comms), or saving your game on one platform and picking up where you left off elsewhere?

Yeah. We were impressed too.

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  1. When the announced that Portal 2 on the PS3 had Steamworks on it, this information was confirmed ages ago. These are standard features for any Steam-enabled PC game. It was only natural to expect the same when the PS3 version was announced to have Steam compatibility.

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