Review Update: The Swapper (Xbox One)

It’s really simple, but it’s a total brain buster. The Swapper is a great puzzler – right from the start you begin with your one and only tool for the rest of the game. With the ability to clone yourself a handful of times and swap to any of those clones you must navigate an abandoned space station.

It starts simply but the game really ups the ante with some proper mind bending puzzles – additions of certain lights which you can’t create clones through, and others which you can’t swap through you are forced to think outside of the box. The lack of additional tools really helps stretch your mind – you always have everything you need to progress, you just have to realise it.

I loved this, and I loved the atmosphere of The Swapper. The music and sound effects are great but I especially love the animation of the way the character moves around and the body crumples to the floor after a big drop. It’s a small point to pick up on but one that’s worth noting as it really screams of attention to detail and care which is prevalent through the entire game.

It’s hard to think of what might be considered similar – it’s a kind of 2D Portal but also the likes of Braid. If you enjoyed those, you will probably love this.

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